rePlace coal!

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350 people have blocked the lignite coal power plant at Lippendorf near Leipzig on the 4th of August 2018!

Coal Exit – now!
Climate justice today, not tomorrow.
System change, not climate change!

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SaveTheDate: Sit-in Kohle erSetzen! 3.-5. August close to Leipzig/Germany!

Last year, we – the climate and anti-coal movement – successfully put coal phase-out in the focus of macrosocial awareness. However, coal phase-out is urgent; climate change doesn’t wait after all. The German government’s filibuster forces us to increase pressure this year. Therefore, on a federal level, we will focus on the brown coal field close to Leipzig/Germany, which has received little attention so far. We will demonstrate: Complete villages in the vicinity of Leipzig are being resettled for coal-related reasons – just like in the Rhineland and the Lausitz – which is absolutely absurd.

Between August 3rd and 5th, just after the workshops at the climate camp in the area, we will disrupt the coal infrastructure operations. We will not stand by and watch dirty energy production when our future is at stake.

We deliberately decided to have a low-level action in order to enable many people to take the next step towards civil disobedience in the matter of coal, whether they are newbies or action pros.

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Let us socially de-legitimise the coal industry in Germany and worldwide!

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If you want to take part in the action, it would be great if you could arrive on Thursday evening, the 2nd of August. The action preparation starts on Friday after the camp plenary at 9 am – to be well prepared and self-confident during our action of civil disobedience we need to cover all kinds of stuff together beforehand.




Letters from Police – Kohle erSetzen! 2017

If you receive any letters from Police, please contact us right away:! Please tell us the following information (for encryption use our PGP-key).

  • At which action point you were located)?
  • What is the accusation?
  • Which deadlines are stated in the letter?
  • How can we support you?

Firstly it is important: not to reply (!) directly to the letter. Normally no direct response is required and everything you could say right now you could still say later.

We are thinking about how we will be dealing whith it together and will contact everyone who wrote to us soon.

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Save the climate disobediently!

This summer we will send out a clear message together with hundreds of people for a consequent coal exit through our action Kohle erSetzen! (rePlace coal!).

Especially the power generation through coal significantly heats up the global climate change, which is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Furthermore in the Rhineland, literally on our doorstep, complete villages are still being relocated and ecosystems are still being destroyed.

Similar to the symptoms of an exploitative generation systems accumulating in the Rhenish lignite (brown coal) district, the diverse resistance will come together at the end of August: a human chain, track blockades, a bike demonstration, actions of smaller groups and our sit-in!

Disobediently we will block a coal power station. Together we place ourselves onto the access roads and demand clearly: rePlace coal! (Kohle erSetzen!

We will organize ourselves in affinity groups and support each other. Whether young people, experienced activists, blockade beginners or people who signed a cease-and-desist declaration of RWE: in a decisive and joint fashion we will be disobedient and not open the road when police asks us to do so.

Let’s fight nonviolently and in solidarity for climate justice on the streets!

Mark it in your calendar: To be well prepared for starting the action, manage to be in the Climate Camp not later than Thursday at 6pm (24th August).

You want to take part in organizing? Tell us!