Days of action

Draw the red line against climate change!
Camps and Actions in the Rhenish brown coal district in August 2017

With our action we are part of a campaign that combines many different actions against coal in the Rhineland.

In August the climate movement will meet in the Rhineland: with diverse protest forms, camps and workshops we will stand up against lignite coal mining, and for a juster world for all. The Rhenish mining area is the biggest source of CO2 in Europe and thereby fuels global climate change. The open-cast mines force people to resettle and destroy villages and landscapes. The Rhineland is therefore an important place for protest where the movement for climate justice stands up against the mining of lignite. The climate movement fights for a global energy transition from bottom-up and for a just structural change of the region. In August 2017 many people will draw a red line against the continued mining of lignite in the Rhenish area.

Setting up and linking three camps

There will be three climate camps in the Rhineland from 18 to 29 August: the camp for the future, the climate camp in the Rhineland and the Connecting Movements Camp. The camps will enable people to network with others from all over Europe and from different political movements. In learning and cultural events we will debate resistance against lignite mining, climate justice, anti-racism, feminism and ecological agriculture and much more!
The climate camp will also organise for the 3
rd time a degrowth summer school lasting several days, which will develop alternatives to a capitalist economy and society.

Days of Action in the Rhineland 2017

From 24 to 29 August the “action days in the Rhineland“ will combine diverse protests against the mining of lignite: at various locations many people will stand up in solidarity against the mining of lignite, for the preservation of the Hambach forest and for a global energy transition from below.

Local initiatives, environmental organisations and interested others will a human chain called “RedLine”. The coalition Ende Gelände will organise mass actions of civil disobedience, the youth network for political actions JunepA will initiate the low-threshold sit-in RePlace Coal (Kohle erSetzen), the campaign „Zucker im Tank“ will support effective actions for small groups and the group Animal Climate Action will also intervene. We will get active in many different ways and draw red lines against coal mining: so far and no further!


Come to the Rhineland in August and participate in the camps, the workshops, the actions … and the washing-up! You can engage in many different ways against lignite mining and for a juster world. If you fancy joining in the organisation of the camps or action please get in touch with the respective group directly!

We’ll see one another in the Rhineland and let’s draw a red line against lignite mining together !