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Banneraktion an der Siegessäule anlässlich der Weltklimakonferenz 2015 in Paris
Banneraktion von JunepA an der Siegessäule in Berlin anlässlich der Pariser Weltklimakonferenz (COP21, Ende 2015)

Kohle erSetzen! ist initiiert von JunepA und vielen klimabewegten Einzelpersonen

The action Kohle erSetzen! is initiated by JunepA, the youth network for political actions as well as many individuals standing up for climate justice. Throughout Germany JunepA organises civil disobedient actions on urgent issues of our time. Especially climate change and strengthening militarisation of society are issues which we cannot accept and watch powerlessly. Instead we have to set strong signs ourselves.

We aim to be a platform for young people, to connect for political actions and cause political change. We are independent and self-organized.

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