What exactly is the difference between “RePlace Coal!”/”Kohle erSetzen!” and Ende Gelände?

RePlace Coal takes place at the same time and in solidarity with Ende Gelände – yet they are two absolutely independent actions. RePlace Coal in the comparison with Ende Gelände is meant to be an action of civil disobedience within a “safe(r) space”. Together we try to recognize and respect each others needs even more.

Although there has not yet been any conviction regarding trespassing in connection to Ende Gelände, there is a greater risk of persecution connected with its form of action. Participating in RePlace Coal, you are most likely only committing minor administrative offences, meaning you mainly risk to pay some money (usually a few hundred Euros at the most). What is true for both actions: the more people participate, the more likely it is that the police is unable to cope with all the offenses and does not persecute them. Take part!

What do I have to do with a “cease and desist order”?

If you ever happen to have signed a cease and desist order by RWE (which is highly unlikely – you would know about it), refer to the legal aid manual of the Legal Team (page 29 onwards).

If you have signed a cease and desist order and are unsure on what to do, consult with the Legal Team or call them: 030 340 603